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Technics Relaunch

Sep 06 [Global]

Panasonic Corporation is exhibiting at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin 2014 (IFA), one of the largest consumer electronics fairs in the world, held at Messe Berlin, Germany, from September 5 to 10, 2014. The Panasonic booth displays a wide range of products from AV devices to home appliances and BtoB solutions. Panasonic is also strongly promoting the relaunch of the Technics hi-fi audio brand. The Technics philosophy and concept, along with its basic technologies, are presented together with its long history, to promote the brands re-launching.The booth offers a relaxing atmosphere for experiencing Technics high-resolution sound.Technics fuses traditional acoustic technology with advanced digital technology to create an emotive musical experience. The R1 Series Reference System and the C700 Series Premium System, which delivers the highest levels of musical emotion are also displayed within a space that wraps the listener in high-res sound.

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