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Automotive Big Data

Sep 15 [North America]

Panasonic Automotive's participation at this year's Intelligent Transport System World Congress(ITS) showcased its commitment to raising the standard for transportation systems and traffic management, while contributing to a cleaner and greener environment, consumer comfort, choice and safety, and community life. Parallel to the 2014 World Congress theme of "Reinventing Transportation in Our Connected World," Panasonic’s exhibit area is designed to showcase Technology for the Connected Car and Big Data Solutions. "For Panasonic it's all about the consumer experience and making sure that we find ways to enhance that experience, either through audio enhancements or through safety enhancements inside the vehicle," said Tom Gebhardt, President of Panasonic Automotive. With the total solution of Panasonic leading to infrastructure from automotive system, such as solutions for the automated driving which made full use of image processing technology and communication technology, the fleet management using big data and the Smart City, Panasonic will continue to align on its mission to create a better world, a better life.

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