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Sep 17 [Asia & Ocenia]

Panasonic displayed the Panasonic Hostel Energy Management System (HoEMS) for the first time to its stakeholders and the general public at the Build Eco Xpo(BEX) Asia 2014, from 1st to 3rd September. HoEMS allows for convenient energy visualisation which can encourage small behavioural changes as users are being more conscious about energy and cost saving.Through HoEMS, hostel management can save time, effort and energy by facilitating collection of energy consumption data and planning of efficient energy delivery. A centralised cloud system creates a wealth of data that is easily accessible for future use. Hostel management can also set a temperature ceiling without compromising campus residents' comfort and convenience. Uniquely, the HoEMS allows for temperature-based charging system, where different prices can be charged depending on residents' room temperature setting. Combining HoEMS with Panasonic ECONAVI air conditioners, hostels can achieve additional energy saving over and above the energy saving capability of the air conditioners.Panasonic targets newly-established student hostels, worker dormitories, hotels, condominiums and other communal living facilities, as well as old hostels. With this, Panasonic aims to shape up and set market standards in Singapore's energy infrastructure with its energy management technologies and solutions towards a better life, a better world.

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