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Smart Town

Nov 29 [Global]

The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Council launches the grand opening ceremony of the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town(SST) located on the outskirts of Tokyo. The main objective of SST which is to provide a sustainable development for the town came to realize as it is in advancing to the next stage of operation where the town is nurtured to grow in full-scale into an eco and smart town that focuses on its residents' lifestyle.

The facilities built provides communication and ease to all its residences including guests, owners and non-owners. The town also provides eco-car sharing and rent-a-car services whereby it helps to reduce economic burden and at the same time, to promote healthy eco lifestyle. As a town that aims to develop its sustainability, SST will target on new initiatives for the future. The land is expected to complete in 2018 and will be used to collaborate with various partners to achieve its goals towards realizing a sustainable 100 years township.

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