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PanaHome SG HQ

Feb 20[Asia & Oceania]

PanaHome Corporation will establish a new regional headquarters in Singapore on April 1, 2015. It will focus on expanding the housing business in the ASEAN countries except Malaysia. PanaHome contributes to the overall growth of Panasonic through housing business with a target of 10 trillion yen in consolidated sales in the fiscal year ending March 2019. PanaHome aims to account for a quarter of the targeted housing sales, or 500 billion yen, of which 50 billion yen will be generated overseas.

To attain these goals, PanaHome will accelerate its overseas housing business by expanding to cover the entire ASEAN region. The regional headquarters will promote information gathering and marketing activities in each target area and may set up a special purpose company with local developers to pursue an optimal framework for each project, thereby building a locally-driven system from order acquisition to construction.

It will operate under the Overseas Business Division of PanaHome Corporation, as is the case with PanaHome Taiwan Co., Ltd. and PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd, and carry out its business in two steps by focusing on enhancement of its information-gathering capability and strengthening its marketing capability.

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