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Mar 09 [Global]

Panasonic's AA alkaline battery, EVOLTA, has received a 60th Anniversary Certificate and Medal from Guinness World Records (TM).The certificate was given to mark the remarkable achievements made by record holders, particularly significant records throughout time. Panasonic's EVOLTA battery incorporates unique technology throughout, in materials, structure and production, and delivers outstanding performance across the entire range of discharge, from high-current to low-current zones.

EVOLTA holds a number of world records. In 2009, a robot powered by EVOLTA took the challenge of a 24-hour durability run, and a model car powered by EVOLTA was recognized by Guinness World Records for the greatest distance by a radio-controlled model car on one set of batteries. In 2013, using only one dry cell battery, the world record was dramatically broken by completing a run on the longest plastic toy train track of approximately 5.6 km.

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