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AEON Credit e-Points

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AEON Credit e-Points

Members get extra 4x (when e-warranty is registered) or 2x e-points with AEON Credit purchases.

Club Panasonic members who shop using AEON Credit Consumer Durable Easy Payment will get 4x e-Points (when e-warranty is registered) for selected Panasonic products and 2x e-Points for any other Panasonic Products.

How to apply:
1. Go to any Panashop near you.
2. Choose Panasonic products to purchase
3. Ask for the AEON Credit Consumer Durable Easy Payment and Club Panasonic member registration forms from the Panashop assistant.
4. Fill up and submit the forms at the Panashop.
5. Wait for a call from Panashop or call AEON Credit Customer Care Center at +603-27199999 to confirm that your application has been approved (takes up 7 working days).
6. Go to the same Panashop to purchase your favourite Panasonic products with extra benefits!

Get 4x e-Points when you purchase*:
For Panasonic products including Camera, Camcorder, Fridge, Microwave Oven, Viera TV, Washing Machine, Air Purifier and Home Entertainment System.

*Don't forget to ask your Panashop Dealer to register e-warranty for the 4X e-Points benefit

Get 2x e-points when you purchase:
For all Panasonic products

Happy shopping!

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