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Enjoy up to 63% off on selected products at our ONLINE STORE with the NEGARAKU App! In collaboration with Program Sahabat Negaraku, Club Panasonic is giving you an amazing online shopping experience that you don’t want to miss.

Want to get the exclusive discount voucher and start shopping? Just follow these simple steps:

ONLINE Redemption Process

     1.  Download NEGARAKU App to your phone.
     2.  Browse through and select the preferred deal under “DEALS” tab.
     3.  Tap “REDEEM VOUCHER” to use the voucher. A prompt message of reminder will appear to remind users there will be 2 hours countdown if they tap on the “CONFIRM” tab.
     4.  Copy / record the voucher code.
     5.  Tap “VISIT MERCHANT’S WEBSITE”. Shop for the desired product and select “Add To Cart”. Then key in the voucher code upon checkout.
     6.  Tap on the “Login” tab, then:
          a. Log in as usual if you are already a member.
          b. If you are not a member yet, please sign up:
          i  Tap on the “Sign up now” tab to sign up as a member.
          ii  Enter your basic information and tap on the “SUBMIT” button.
          iii  You will receive an email from us. Open it and activate your Club Panasonic account.
          iv  Log in as a member.

     7.  Once logged in, tap on the “Online Store” tab.
     8.  In the Online Store page, tap on “Direct Online Store” image link.
     9.  Tap on the “NEGARAKU” Banner to start shopping.
    10.  Shop for your desired products.
    11.  Enter the “VOUCHER CODE” / “e-campaign code” upon checkout to enjoy up to 63% off.
    12.  Make payment.

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