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Redeem GREAT Rewards

Steps to Earn, Check & Redeem CP Points:

Earn Points
There are many ways to collect CP Points. You will be rewarded when you sign-up as a member; and earn points when you login or simply update your profile! Log in and go to My Page to find out ways to earn CP Points.

Check Points
Log in to check how many points you have collected. After Log In click on MY REWARDS button.

Spend Points
We've created a page showing you all the great rewards to spend CP Points. Once you've decide what you're going to spend your points on, Log In and click on the reward tab and we'll tell you what you need to do next.

Ways to Earn CP Points:

1. Profile Edit
Earn: 20 points
Frequency: Once a month

2. Product registration
Earn: 10 points
Frequency: On action

3. Login
Earn: 30 points
Frequency: Once a week

4. Registration
Earn: 200 points
Frequency: On action

* Terms and conditions apply
Note: All Panasonic Dealers and Panasonic staffs ARE NOT APPLICABLE to redeem any premium items.