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Gourmet Cooking Tour

Local and talented Chef Fazley is coming to town to prepare famous local dishes. The dish will be decided by the Chef himself. On Panasonic's Facebook page, participants are required to vote on their favourite dish. Chef Fazley will then prepare the dish with the highest votes. Participants who voted for the recipe with the highest votes will stand a chance to win a pass to join the cooking workshop. The event is aimed to promote local dishes as well as to engage with the locals.

Cooking Tour Schedule:
28 Nov 20142.30 - 4.00pm Terengganu
14 Dec 20142.00 - 3.30pm Penang
3 Jan 20152.00 - 3.30pm Kuching
17 Jan 20152.00 - 3.30pm Johor Bahru
31 Jan 20152.00 - 3.30pm Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
17 Feb 20152.00 - 3.30pm Cooking House, Bangsar

Link: More Info on the Cooking Tour
Link: More photos of the event