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What's 2X e-Points?

2X e-Points is a point based rewarding system specially designed for Club Panasonic members. If you are a Club Panasonic Member, get your dealer to register your purchased product warranty at Panashop. Only applicable to selected products, you will be entitled double points for the value of your purchased product. What's special about the e-Points is that it can be used to redeem e-Voucher at the Panasonic Online Store. Enjoy your online shopping at the Online Store with exclusive e-Vouchers!

Calculation for 2X e-Points:

Total e-Points earned = Product Value (RM) * 2

Product Value (Actual Selling Price) = RM5,000
After 2X e-Points = 5,000 e-Points * 2
Total e-Points earned = 10,000 e-Points
Equivalent e-Voucher value = RM100

Selected Products:

Selected products also includes certain model for Home Entertainment system. Find out more here.

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